Monday, 12 April 2010

That Was The Week (and a half) That Was....

3.45am, Wednesday 31st March

FF: Mum, I'm in a taxi on the way home. I think I've broke my arm

She has come out with numerous similar comments over the years.....
.....MUM!! I'M BLIND!!!....(shampoo in eyes)

....MUM!!! I'VE BROKE MY METATARSAL!!!.....(stubbed toe)

.....MUM!! I'VE GOT CRUCIATE LIGAMENT DAMAGE!!! (twisted knee)

.......and so on..... I wasn't unduly worried......

.....until I saw it.

It swiftly became clear that, since her wrist was in one place and the rest of her arm was in another, my usual diagnosis/treatment of 'Run it under the cold tap and have two Panadols' was not going to be much help.

So, off to Casualty we went. Again. For the second time in two weeks.

It needed an operation to re-set it.

The Football Fanatic was not amused. There is only one thing on earth which strikes fear into her heart. General anesthetic.

So she did what any normal, sane person with a deformed arm would do in the circumstances.

She discharged herself.

Many, many hours of persuasion, a different hospital and a surgeon who had re-set Ryan Giggs' wrist later and she signed the consent form.

If only that were the end of the story.

The surgery was then cancelled FOUR TIMES during last week, which meant four days of starvation, four days of assuring her that yes, she really would wake up and four times of having to tell her that it wouldn't be tomorrow after all.

It was finally done on Sunday morning, by which time I felt like a bit of chewed string.

Anyway, it is done. Over. She woke up. Her arm is back in the right place, albeit held together with two wires and she is back home.

I plan to have an extremely boring week.

I deserve it.

And I have seen enough of these..........


.....and these....... last me a lifetime.

Thank you to everybody who was praying for her.

I have had a Mass said for your intentions.


Miss Ellen E. said...

Phew! Well done to both of you for surviving all that trauma. Hope you have the quiet week now that you deserve.

I did smile at all the possible 'football-related injuries' FF thought she might have had!

We're not mentioning the 'F' word in our house at the moment after Number 2 son had a ticket for Wembley on Sunday (first visit and quite excited) and . . . . well,let's just say he wasn't there supporting Portsmouth!

Rose said...

So, so sorry for both of you! Glad it's turned out well (as much as possible anyway). I feel your pain about hospitals, as I just spent 28 hours in one and it was no fun at all. Good luck with the recuperation!

Anonymous said...

Your stories always make me laugh, keep me cheerful, and give me hope! :) I have one rather like your Football Fanatic (and she is blonde, too! ha!) - only mine is just 15. How she will survive in this world, I wonder sometimes... and then I read your posts and think, "God must have a special place in his heart for these blonde girls of ours... and an extra guardian angel for them, to boot." :)

Nothing like a dose of perspective, a good laugh, and a glimmer of hope for us mommies.

Amrita said...

Dearest Jackie , what an ordeal you all have had.

Thank goodness its over- the worst I mean.
Wish FF a speedy recovery.

How did it hapen-did she have a fall?

I have written about a book on Mother Teresa on my blog (Finding Calcutta by Mary Poplin) I think you will like it.Its a life changing book.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praise the Lord all is well.

God bless.

Daryl said...

OY and VEY .... I thought I was the only one sure if I was put under I wouldnt wake up ... I am glad she's whole again tho I doubt this will slow her down .. xo

Kimmie said...

Yeah for mended arms, for answered prayers and for much needed rest. So glad that it is all behind you and that you can now look back and laugh (well maybe not yet!)

mama to 8
(next week we leave for Ethiopia!)
one homemade and 7 adopted (soon!)

Maggie May said...

Oh my...... I missed all this and do hope that everything you do from now on will be dead boring!
hope all goes well with the broken (but hopefully healing) arm.

Nuts in May

Akelamalu said...

Well after all that you do deserve a boring week!

katney said...

Glad to have heard the rest of the story and all the prayers were well answered. We missed one piece--howeverintheworld did she break it so badly?

When DS#3 fell of the roof after building a snowman, it took us a couple of days to decide the arm might be broken. (I think I told yout hat.) Of course, it wasn't going one way and the hand the other.

Belgravia wife - sort of said...

Hi there Mother's Pride - goodness what a week ! I am a little ahem, hospital phobic . I think I would have needed gas & air to deal with that lot. Get well soon x

katney said...

Jackie, it's now four weeks since you first asked us for prayers over this and at least two since we got (some of) the details. How is FF doing?

Still wondering how she manage to break it.

Jennie said...

I can't believe it took four attemps, that is awful. I am glad she is on the mend now. I use the the 'run it under the tap' answer many times as my daughter is very accident prone x

Ttony said...
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