Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Number Twelve

I think twelve must be a very important number.

There were, after all twelve tribes of Israel, and twelve apostles - whom, we are told, will eventually sit on twelve thrones judging said tribes.

Twelve months of the year, twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve labours of Hercules.....the list is endless.

Today, twelve is important in this house because it is the number of years The Peacemaker has notched up.

Twelve on the twelfth - which does after all, only happen once in a lifetime.

Twelve is also important because it is the age at which you are allowed hair straighteners of your own, and no longer have to sneak about using other peoples hoping that your mother won't notice.

(Hair straighteners are the things which mothers buy in desperation after a particularly fraught week when they have completely forgotten the importance of the number twelve until the day before and cannot think of anything else to get).

Happy Birthday to The Peacemaker.

May you have a lovely, peaceful day!

(Unlike your particularly fraught mother who is now off to buy ingredients for a cake and a box of revolting, not-a-trace-of-nutrition chicken dippers which you have specially requested for your birthday tea).


Maggie May said...

Happy Birthday Peacemaker. Last year before the teens!

bellamocha said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to the Peacemaker, who has always seemed wise beyond her years! I hope her day is full of fun and laughter!

(Might I also suggest she makes a very large cup of tea and slips a drop or two of something in it...the MotL is going to need it by the sound of things.

And I've also found that a daughter telling a mother how stunningly youthful she's looking today works wonders on a daughter's birthday.)

But Hair Straighteners?! What I wouldn't do for her waves. You can't imagine. I hear they takes years off ones' face.

Bella x

gigi said...

Happy birthday Miss 12. When I turned 12 I got to get my ears pierced. Big day of me then. Now both my grand daughters got their's done before they turned 6 months old. I nearly died. But after all I'm just the MIL. I keep my mouth shut.

Party on yall!

Rachel Pattisson said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the yummy chicken and don't even think about nutrition :o)

Daryl said...

Happy Birthday Peacemaker! Isnt February the best month for a birthday? And being 12 on the 12th is quite lucky.

Jackie, please send me your email...

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Happy birthday furture peace Envoy of the United Nations! Oh when I was twelve I so wanted to be thirteen to be a teenager because I thought they would go out of fashion before I got there! 12 was such good fun though. Enjoy those chicken dippers. Did you not ask for Turkey Twizzlers too?

Akelamalu said...

Happy Birthday to the Peacemaker! :)

Ttony said...

Best wishes to the kid, but to the parents too.

We ain't so bad, us.

In fact, we're pretty good, us.

(The Manchester dialect: so good that we use subject and object pronouns in the same clause.)

Suburbia said...

Hope you have a great birthday day!

Renae said...

Happy Birthday, Peacemaker! My daughter will be 12 on the 12th also. (May 12.)

Have a blessed day, enjoy your chicken dippers, and give your mum a hug from me!

Mean Mom said...

Happy Birthday to the Peacemaker and many more of them! I'm sure that the chicken dippers and the cake were much appreciated and enjoyed.

Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite 12 year old in the whole wide world.


Amrita said...

Happy birthday Peacemaker

Cyntia Clara said...

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