Saturday, 5 January 2008

Church? Did she say Church?

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted the reference to church in the last post. I know what you're thinking. She doesn't sound like a churchgoer. I know this because despite being a lifelong practising Catholic, whenever I meet someone new they are always surprised and say "You don't look like a churchgoer". I don't know why they say this. I look much the same as everyone else.

Kids: "Aw, Mum, don't put that!"
Me: "Why not?"
Kids: "We want to look like a cool family."
Me: "We are a cool family."
Kids: "We're not going to look like one if you put that."

Cradle Catholics, every one of them. Where did I go wrong? Even the Father of this Lot was, in his youth, Head Altar boy of this parish. He does not attend Mass any longer. Well, maybe Christmas and Easter. (Some would say his sins as as scarlet, but who am I to judge?) He does, however, maintain a deep reverence for the customs and traditions of the Church, and has no problem in pointing out where other people are going wrong - "Did you see that? She didn't even genuflect when she passed the altar!" (I think this is a bit picky when you don't turn up for 50 Sundays of the year and choose to completely ignore every word of the Bible except 'be fruitful and multiply'). But that's another post.

Kids: "You're not going to write anything religious are you?"
Me: "Possibly."
Kids: "Everyone will think you're a geek."
Me: "No they won't. All your friends think I'm mint".
(Mint is an English teenage word which means 'cool', 'good' etc. I do not use it. Except when absolutely necessary. Like now.)
Me: "So I think I win that one then, hands down."
Kids: "Mumble...mumble..."
Me: "Here's the deal. Monday to Saturday I write about you and your heart-warming little antics. Sundays I get to write something religious...and maybe holy days...and possibly feast days..."
Kids: "What if something really good happens on a Sunday, holy day or feast day?"
Me: "I'll do both."

Not even The Fixer has yet figured out that tomorrow is a Sunday, a feast day and a holy day. I can't wait!


Mel's World said...

By the way...I think church people are cool too!

Ttony said...

Welcome to the happy world of Catholic blogging!

Tina said...

Welcome to Blogland & thanks for visiting me! Hope to see you again soon - I'll certainly be back to check on you. (love 'mint', mine's not old enough yet, I make do with 'pips' which apparently means really easy...)

bella mocha said...

Reading here brings such a smile to my face...I'm so glad you stopped by to say hello. My kids are asking why I smile every time I take out the loaf of bread- but that's what a good blog does to you!

And yes- church, synagogue or temple people...I think they're all cool. I admire people who really believe in something, whatever it may be.

Sharon said...

You can talk church around us as much as you like.
We talk church, family, friends and all the in between.
This is a place to be ourselves. Let it all hang out.
When you need to vent-we are here.
When you need a laugh--I am sure we can provide that too. :)
Welcome to blogdom!

Monkey Giggles said...

Thanks to stopping by my blog. I think church people are cool too. That means I'm coooooool. (plus all the other ladies here)

Enjoy you holy day!

I will be back

justabeachkat said...

Cute post. If church people are cool...yeah, I'm cool! LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll come're always welcome.

I had fun visiting you.


Dawn said...

Hi! Happy Sunday blessings to you and your family!

Church people rule! :-)

Like Tina said, welcome to blog land. It's fun. There are a zillion blogs out there and honestly you can get lost in them...LOL. But you also can meet some great folks through them.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Come back any time you're bored...LOL.

God be with thee this new year!

~ Dawn ~

Jennie said...

Kids: "Everyone will think you're a geek."
Me: "No they won't. All your friends think I'm mint".

LOL! I have said this to my kids! Glad to see all kids are alike. ;)

Angela M. said...

Going to add you to my sidebar! Love the blog and love England. (My brother lives in Surrey.)

Adrienne said...

Me too, what Angela said ---- You are just toooooooo funny!!!