Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Just eat it!

Last night I made a vat of bolognese sauce. (Have I mentioned how much they eat around here?) I did this because I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer and after a day of playing Florence Nightingale I needed something quick and ridiculously easy. Then I realised we had no spaghetti. Plan B, then.

The Football Fanatic arrived home at 8pm.
Her: "What is there to eat?" (She says this a lot. An awful lot...)
Me: "Well, it was going to be spaghetti bolognese, but we've got no spaghetti."
Her: "So, it's mince, then?"
Me: "Certainly not. It's pasta bolognese. Pasta we've got."

As I was dishing this out, I asked "Does anyone want grated cheese on this?"
The Singer: "I will"
Everyone: "You don't like cheese."
The Singer: "Yes I do."
Everyone: "Since when?"
The Singer: "Oh ages ago..."

That's her sandwiches sorted out for tomorrow then.

The Football Fanatic got halfway through hers and said: "What's for tea tomorrow?"
Me: "Fish"
Her: "I hate fish."
Me: "Tough."

Treat 'em mean, that's what I say!


bella mocha said...

Yeah- no food choice in our house either; we don't want the kids confusing us with the restaurant up the road!

Is this Confession time? I've been known to say the chicken was actually turkey and that the yellow melted stuff was definitely not cheese, more a mustard sauce I'd been experimenting with.

Tina said...

Following on from Bella Mocha, I've hidden mashed parsnips in topping for cottage pie. Not sure what you could disguise fish as though...

Jennie said...

LOL I want one of those aprons!

Hope your daughter is feeling better tomorrow, ear infections are the worst!

Stinking Billy said...

What a great blogsite! So colourful and clever, not to mention such an interesting dialogue style of writing.

Casdok said...

Love the apron!!

Mel's World said...

Is that mean?

I am a firm believer in what I fix is what we eat, and if you don't like it you are more than welcome to fix something else for yourself.


I Love that apron!