Thursday, 27 November 2008

Options Evening

Here's the thing.

Given the strange Christmas present circumstances I find myself in, I reckon I have two options:

1. Rant, rave and bang about a bit. Get a taxi to town (she was right - it wouldn't fit on the bus) and stand in a very long refund queue. On return of cash, spend the best part of a day getting all the right presents, queue up to pay and get a taxi home because by then I will have lost the will to live and will be unable to face getting a bus.

2. Make myself a nice cup of tea. Sit down, and ponder on the fact fact that I have five healthy kids, all of whom will find Christmas Day far more exciting than if we had stuck to the original plan. Wait until my preferred shopping period of well into Advent, and finish the present buying myself.

I choose Option 2.


I find myself choosing Option 2 (well, the thankful-for-five-healthy-kids-so-does-it-really-matter bit) quite often these days.

Quite fitting, really, for Thanksgiving.

And anyway, if, on Christmas Day you fancy a game of darts (that's a few arrers to you, Ttony):

....or a spot of baseball practice:

......then you'll know where to come, won't you?

(Only do try and dodge the clay pigeon rifle as you're coming up the path. I don't know whether the house insurance will cover it).


ChrisB said...

Many years ago (and I do mean many!) my brother and I had a dart board on a door in the kitchen (leading to coal house). The trouble was when we first had it our aim wasn't that good and there were more dart marks in the door than the board!

Katney said...

We actually got two or three dart boards one year. It must have been the water.

Renae said...

Excellent choice, Jackie. They will all think you are the coolest mom on the block! Well, you already are the coolest, but this will prove it! ;-)

Blessings to you!

Maggie May said...

Nothing like a game of darts!
I think they all think you are the coolest Mum, you can tell that.

Kitty said...

I haven't played darts in years. Someone else will have to do the mathematics though, I'm rubbish at that. x

CrazyCath said...

You could always stand FoTL in front of the dart board for that game of arrers...

Ttony said...

(Bit of a problem with your dartboard - I won't tell anybody, honest, other than the usual lot.)

meggie said...

OMG! I thought I had problems, but after reading your two previous posts, I realise I don't!
Good luck with it all!