Friday, 4 July 2008

You Don't Know Jack

Did I mention that the Football Fanatic doesn't actually 'do' dates?
If you are a boy with an interest in the Football Fanatic, let me give you a word of advice.
Don't hold your breath.
(Unless of course, you're pulling up to United's training ground in a flashy car with your first team kit under you arm, but that's another story....)
Back to reality.
If you are the said boy trying to get a date, and you're really lucky, she might say something like:
'I'll give you my number'
(Don't bother ringing it - it won't be the right one)
If you're really, really lucky she might say:
'I may be here next week'
and if you're really, really, REALLY lucky, she might turn up.
But actually make a date to meet you at a particular time and place? Forget it, kiddo. Don't waste your time. (And I'm her mother, so I know what I'm talking about).
So, given the background, you can see why I get quite excitable when she goes out with Jack.
We have had various Jack-related conversations.
Her: Chillax, Mum. We're just friends.
Me: (accompanied by knowing smile) Fair enough.
Her: MUM! I don't like Jack and Jack doesn't like me. Okay??
Me: What makes you think he doesn't like you?
Her: He's got girls texting him all the time.
Me: Does he text them back?
Her: No....but when we're out there's girls throwing themselves at him all night.
Me: Does he throw himself back?
Her: No....but...
Me: But what? You're the one he's texting and you're the one he's taking out.
Her: MUM!!!
Fast forward to today. The Football Fanatic was at work in the Menswear Department. By use of code, ('Please can you get me a pair of black Fresh Feet socks') her colleague let her know that there was an extremely good-looking person in the changing rooms.
It was Jack.
FF: What are you doing here?
Jack: Looking for you. I've been ringing you all day. You didn't answer. I thought something had happened to you.
FF: I've left my phone at home. Why have you got a bag of food?
Jack: Because you're usually in the Food Department. I went there first.
FF: Why are you trying on suits? Do you need a suit?
Jack: Not really. I'll have this one though.
FF: It's a hundred and fifty quid.
Jack: Wrap it up. D'you fancy going out tomorrow?
FF: I'll let you know......

So, is it just me?

Or should I be saying to the Football Fanatic:

'You don't know Jack'

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Renae said...

For a girl who is so brilliant, she hasn't got a clue.

Just hold your horses, Mom. It will hit her like a ton of bricks.

Probably when he has her in a lip lock.

Suburbia said...

Treat them mean! He'll be falling at her feet if she carries on like that! (sounds like he already is!)

Maggie May said...

Keep them dangling! She is playing him into the net!

ciara said...

uhh, she can't be that daft, can't she? lol just wait...there will be fireworks when those two get together. it will hit her hard, too. :)


I'm free...!

Chris said...

As long as he is not a "Jack the Lad' she will be fine. she has the right attitude. Treat em mean keep em keen................course when you fall it is from a great height keep that parachute handy!!!

Kit Brookside said...

Poor Jack...he sounds like such a good egg, I just hope he is the patient sort! And FF'd better be kind to him whatever the outcome. :)

My Jack sends his compliments, btw. He is attempting to sit his furry little hindquarters down on my laptop at this very moment because he isn't getting his ears scratched fast enough...

Amrita said...

Good vibrations Jackie. Keep your ear to the ground.

Amrita said...

I 've got a little girl talking on my blog.What do you think?

Jennifer said...

That is just romantic, actually. In an understated kind of way. I still remember the cost of those drinks, too, you know. I'd say he has the bug, that one.

Alison Boon said...

Jack has got it bad. How can she be so blind? Poor lad.

Akelamalu said...

If she's playing hard to get she's doing a damn good job! LOL

Momma said...

When she settles down with the right guy, Mum, he'll be enamored of her. Guys just don't respect girls who throw themselves at them. Your girl has it right, but I hope she doesn't lose this one. He sounds like a catch!

Peace - D

Daryl said...

Oh poor Jack .. he must learn to be more subtle .. I wish him luck ... and Jackie .. stop teasing her .. if she isnt on to him he might have a real shot ...

Crossing digits here .. go Jack go!


Kitty said...

I like that he actually bought food when looking for her; and actually bought the suit. He's flexible, he's not being horribly obsessive. I hope she realises what a great catch he might be.


scrappysue said...

i wish i could still play hard to get lol

Frog in the Field said...

That's a brill Post Mothers Pride.

Working mum said...

Oh the poor boy! Maybe if he played it cool, she would be interested. Perhaps if you had a little word?

Jennie said...

She is so super cool. Perhaps I should get lessons from your FF!! :D

CrazyCath said...

Tell her she doesn't know jack...!!!

He is good looking, extremely keen and can afford to throw £150 away on a suit when he just came to look for her?

Holy Chaos said...

Jack sounds like a nice guy.

funny story : )

Two Left Feet said...

she's either really smart or really naive when it comes to this boy... but sounds to me like for now she's playing her cards right! i remember the days of cat and mouse...

Pig in the Kitchen said...

ahhhhh! Jack sounds gorgeous!

disa said...

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