Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Role of Women in The Church

This week I have:

read at morning Mass three times

led the Rosary after Mass twice

helped out at and cleared up after the Coffee Morning

helped out at and cleared up after Fr. J's 'New Catholics' meeting

attended a Bible study with the Methodists up the road

attended the parish Prayer Group

and swept, mopped and polished the main church, two side chapels, one vestry and one sacristy.

At this rate I'll be hearing confessions on Saturday and saying the 10 o'clock Mass on Sunday.

Oh, and since it seems to have been quite a religious week, Renae thinks I should tell you about my guest post on her blog....


Katney said...

I went over there and read that and loved it and sent it to about a hundred people. Incredible. Then I went and put her blog in my favorites, too, becasue if she recognizes such good stuff as what you wrote for that post, then she has a blog worth keeping an eye on.

And I've been working all day on the parish auction. How did I get wrapped up in that? Not very prayerful, but using my talents, I guess.

Jennifer said...

I'm trying so very hard to simultaneously "simplify" AND read more blogs more consistently.

It's working ever so well. :)

Oh, and that's a lovely picture of you up there, MOTL. ;)

Amrita said...

That 's a lot. Saying Mass and hearing confession is a new thing for women isn 't it?

I 'll read you post at Renae

Maggie May said...

Have just come over from Renae's,
You are one busy lady then!
Haven't I seen that nun somewhere before?
And all the time it was you!
You talents know no limits LOL!

Jennysmith said...

No-one appreciates the hard work you do for your local church. And I find it can be quite thankless.

I'm on the Entertainment Committee on mine with some really scary bossy women! And they're the kind that scare people from coming to church!

What is a Guest Post?

Js xx

Jennie said...

bah look how far behind I am with you!!
Glad to see you back and posting and have now caught up!
I shall endeavour not to get so far behind again!

Mac McLernon said...

Jackie, thank you so much for the book of Advent reflections... it was a really sweet thought.

...and I have apologised on your behalf to Fr. Tim!

CrazyCath said...

Catching up. On my way over to read your post at Renae's...

Daryl said...

I think you've done your share and mine .. now I feel I can continue to be a sloth about helping out at shul...