Sunday, 24 February 2008

Dilemmas Resolved

I had visions last night of women not usually interested in football waiting for the Sports Report at the end of the news and husbands up and down the country asking
'Why do you want to know if United won?'

Dilemma Number 1

Didn't do any washing or ironing.

Manchester United 5 Newcastle United 1

See, it does work!

Dilemma Number 2

I went.

While it was not quite the candlelit dinner some of you were imagining, it did not end in the barnstorming row that is usual on these occasions, so whoever's praying, keep at it, because someone's listening! And today we managed to shop for various household items without actually killing each other, which is a bonus, I always think.

Is that RC behind him? She gets everywhere, that one.

So, if I make a start on the washing and ironing tomorrow, I reckon we'll be able to cross the landing by about Thursday.

Oh, I almost forgot...please don't take any notice of Bella's latest ramblings. Some say she's deranged. Some say there's more in that mocha than meets the eye.


Daryl E said...


BTW I love those old ad showcards ..

Maggie May said...

Things are moving along reasonably then! Thats good!
Bella mocha was funny I thought!

Jennie said...

What you mean you don't look good in a wimple?! :/
Good that you got to go out and it went well.
I'm ironing tomorrow! (may possibly last all week the amount I have to get through!)

Casdok said...

Glad to hear you are both still alive, and able to do more washing!!

Lisa said...

Good outcomes I'd say! ;o)

Mrs. Fox said...

Darn it! I would have loved to see the game! My husband has been promising to get satellite instead of cable for months. I miss being able to watch games live! Anyway, glad things worked out on all fronts.

Akelamalu said...

Great result for United - and you too!

david mcmahon said...

Everyone, it's an ironing party at Mother Of This Lot's Place.

You put your feet up, watch the soccer on the telly - and give the laundry baskets to us.

Yes, I can and do iron - I went to boarding school so I know how!

Rebecca said...

Football?? Oh yes, I heard about it in a phone call to my Dad....we were just busy with the Oscars and Daniel Day Lewis...for me, he is more interesting!!!

KitBrookside said...

Hear, hear, David!

Men who iron - well - are a treasure. Right after I married, I pulled a stack of my husband's cammies (USMC daily uniform) out of the dryer and made toward them with the iron. He snatched it away and assured me he'd do a better job (10 years of military life'll do that), so I said fine, gave him all my wrinkly things, and 15 years later...haven't done a single bit (even frilly baby girl dresses) since! God Bless the United States Marine Corps!


The Rotten Correspondent said...

It is true that I do get around. Or is it that you can't take me anywhere?

Dang it. Now I've gotten myself all confused!

Great news about the peaceful shopping trip. Very, very nice.

Misslionheart♥ said...

Well done on the shopping trip. I find it very hard to 'shop with Chef'...sounds like an idea for a new cookery programme... He questions *everything* I look at!

I'm tackling the laundry today, a marathon attempt to get through it without any interuptions.

Maybe we should host some kind of laundry/washday event? lol