Monday, 4 February 2008

Just reflecting

I'm having a bit of a holy week of sorts, it being almost Lent and all. I seem to be figuring quite highly on Fr. J's list of 'People To Do Things' otherwise entitled 'Soft Touches With Time on Their Hands'.

This lot are still working out what they're giving up for Lent. Please God, 'not pestering the life out of my mother when she has been up since five in the morning' will rank somewhere.

I was going to write what I will be doing during Lent, then I remembered something that I found last year (I've forgotten where, so if I pinched it from your blog, I'm sorry. Offer it up!)
It occurred to me that if everybody, religious or otherwise did this, the world might be a nicer place for a few weeks:

A Lenten Reflection

Give up complaining - focus on gratitude

Give up pessimism - focus on optimism

Give up harsh judgements - think kindly thoughts

Give up worrying - trust divine providence

Give up discouragement - be full of hope

Give up bitterness - turn to forgiveness

Give up hatred - return good for evil

Give up anger - be more patient

Give up pettiness - become more mature

Give up gloom - enjoy the beauty around you

Give up gossiping - control your tongue

Give up giving up - hang in there!

Author unknown

Now, don't you think you might feel better if you try a couple of these? And purely because you have become accustomed to getting a dash of humour when you visit here, I will leave you with the prayer Fr. J printed in yesterday's church bulletin:


Mrs. Fox said...

The Lenten Reflection really captures the essence of the season. Very nice.

Maggie May said...

Your Lenten Reflection was very wise & apt. The world would be a very much better place if we could just try a few of these pointers.
Pancakes tomorrow! Up to our eyes in batter, I expect.
I liked the Senility Poster!
Hope to give up something for Lent, but won't make rash promises! Just cut down on food I think!

Beth said...

I've been wondering what to give up for Lent this year. Your list is excellent!

Lisa said...

Amen! :o)

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I love the prayer. PERFECT! And, thank you very much for stopping over at mi casa. No matter how many links it took, a Brit is always welcome in my slice of Texas.

bella mocha said...

I haven't decided what to give up for Lent yet.
Travel, maybe?

(Answers on a postcard to Mother's Pride, please.)

The Lenten Reflection is beautiful-very wise and true words.
Pancakes tomorrow sounds so good.... My family love them.

Shall we all come round to yours then?! Maggie May could bring the batter, Mrs Fox could bring the grapefruit (how I love them!), and Beth could bring tulips to make the table beautiful. Lisa can bring marshmallows (I prefer those to the sound of her cotton wool balls), and Anglophile Football Fanatic can bring her sweets and yummies before she gives them up for Lent.

Me? Oh, I'll bring the mocha, of course.

qualcosa di bello said...

i should ~ wait, no, i WILL post that marvelous list on my frig! i'll read it when i feel the urge to have the thing i am sacrificing & just maybe it will deflect my energy to the places where it belongs!

(thanks for the 'offer it up' mom always says that when someone complains!)

Kimmie said...

Hey, wouldn't it be great if we started a blogging pick a few (or one from this list) to truly apply to our life (for Lent and beyond!)

I think each of us can find a few things on this list that would certainly glorify God if we handed them over to Him permanently.

Thanks for inspiring me to reread your list and to ponder what the Lord would have me do.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted
*now going to Ethiopia for our next family additions!

Wifey said...

Thanks for both the laugh and the reflection.

"'not pestering the life out of my mother when she has been up since five in the morning' "

I'm hoping my kids will make a similar promise, possibly throwing 'when she's sick' at the end.

Liz said...

Excellent list. Thanks for sharing. I'm sending that funny on to my dad... he'll love it.

david mcmahon said...

Loved the last line of the Lenten reflection. And Fr J sounds cool, a bit like our priest!!

Amrita said...

Wonderful Post Jackie.

I will copy the Lent Reflection for future reference. its good all year round.

And Father J 's Senility Prayer is jolly good too.

God bless