Friday, 25 April 2008

That Was The Week That Was

It's been a very busy week, all told.
I have spent two days at my mother's house, cleaning. My mother's house is now all shiny and sparkly, while my own, due to a distinct lack of attention, resembles Beirut on a bad day.
I attended a talk on 'Fair Trade' products on Tuesday morning, and without even opening my mouth, found myself involved in knitting squares for hospital blankets. (30 sts; 22 rows - any offers of help gratefully received)
On Tuesday evening, I was helping out at the Enquirers Group (people coming into the Catholic church), minding my own business, when Fr. J. told the entire assembly that the Father of This Lot and myself remind him of Dr. Cox and his wife in a programme called 'Scrubs'.
Bearing in mind that
a) I have never seen 'Scrubs', and
b) I may have misled the said assembly slightly by not actually mentioning that we are, for the most part, not the perfect specimens of an ideal happy Catholic marriage, in that we don't actually live in the same house,
...there were some quite bemused looks coming my way.
This afternoon, I have watched ten minutes of an episode of 'Scrubs' which included a bedroom scene involving Dr. and Mrs. Cox.
As Mrs. Cox was heard to say 'I cannot let you back into my life to go through all this again', I can only assume that Fr. J. is either psychic, or has spent many an evening bi-locating as a fly on my bedroom wall.
And on the subject of The Father of This Lot, we had an evening out during the week.

Some of this lot were quite excited. However, any hopes that they had of their parents spending a romantic evening together were quickly dashed when he phoned minutes before I was due to meet him and said:

'The quiz is about to start. Ask your mother does she want me to get her a sheet.'

Needless to say, I was not harbouring any thoughts of romance. Which was a good job, really, because I wasn't disappointed.

Actually, he's been around quite a bit this week. It has made blogging and commenting rather difficult, since he is blissfully unaware of it. It has, however, kept the neighbours busy, looking to see whether his car is on the path in the morning or not. (He could have kept them guessing and parked the car in the garage, were it not for the two Tesco-sized freezers, spare washing machine, various bikes, extra television and three rabbits with hutch).

And I know that I was supposed to be doing the draw for the giveaway today, but as the prize hasn't yet arrived from Amazon, I'll leave it open for a bit longer in case you missed it.

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Kit Brookside said...

Jackie - funny you should mention Scrubs...I caught a few minutes of one of my favorite episodes this past weekend involving Dr. & Mrs. Cox. Throughout the episode, they were stressed out about their little son, sniping at each other, being unreasonable, and just tearing each other apart (both are caricature-istically "difficult" people). But towards the end, JD, the younger doc/protagonist of the show, asks Dr. Cox why they even bother. He thinks for a bit, smiles his first genuine smile of the whole show and says "because I love her." She comes up to him, exhausted, snuggles against him, and off they go. Whatever their dysfunctions are...and there are LOADS...they work it out in the end.

Hope that's prophetic, too.


Suburbia said...

Loved all this great 'drivel' tonight. Good to know what you've been up to.
You've been tagged at my place!

Renae said...

I'm so relieved to hear that we are not the only ones who can't park our cars in the garage! ;-)

Isn't it fun (or NOT!) to be the center of attention among all the snoopy neighbors!!!???!!!


San said...

You are HYSTERICAL. Scrubs--I've just seen little snatches while passing through the TV room on my way to blog. Bilocational abilities--I don't like that in my clergypersons.

ciara said...

wow, sounds like a lot has been going on. nosy neighbors, bi-locating fathers, etc., surely don't make for a dull day, do they?

family affairs said...

Will give you builders number v soon - in meantime hurry up and choose a winner for that lovely book x

Grit said...

gosh, will have to watch scrubs. i thought it was about a prison. i must have got that one wrong though.

CrazyCath said...

Your life is anything but dull. Glad I made it in time for the comp - didn't miss everything then!

Did you win the pub quiz? And they say romance is dead... (they were right).

Hope your mother (and the church) appreciate all you do for them.

Keep the neighbours guessing. It's fun.

Maggie May said...

Good of you to clean your mother's house! Still waiting for someone to clean mine!
Had to laugh at the "Scrubs" I have never even heard of them! I think that your life could be made into a soap though & so could mine!
Have a good day!

The Lehners in France said...

Nosey neighbours are the pits! I'm so glad we don't have any here (nosey or not). The garage thing I can empathise. I had to clear my garage out once just so I could park the car in it because I got fed up with my nosey neighbours. Bah. Pud x

BS5 Blogger said...

Why hello there! I am visiting from my friend Suburbia's place and I do like your writing style and all the capers in your busy, busy house!

I have bookmarked you and will take a wandering read if that is okay?

See you

merry weather said...

Jackie you're a hoot and an inspiration! The very thought of your Father J bi-locating as a fly to your bedroom wall brings me such a grin :) And where you find all these great pictures I can't imagine, they're fab!

(Respect to the tough times that lay beneath nonetheless.) Great stuff.

Jennie said...

yes did you win the pub quiz?
You have rather glamorous neighbours!
If you'd like to pop around to mine and give it a clean that would be great!
When do the knitted squares have to be done by, and would it matter if a few of them had dropped stitches?

Judi "Jlo" Moran (2006) said...

I always enjoy visiting your site: your humor is so engaging.
I'm afraid I'm lost though about Father not being around.
Guess I need to visit more often.

Daryl E said...

Ah a sensible woman, you'll never be really disappointed with that attitude .. I wish I could learn that .. so did you win the pub contest? That must be some BIG garage .. Oh .. when you have a spare hour or two come on over and we can ignore my dirty apartment together over a coffee .. we dont get Scrubs here I dont think .. Daryl

scrappysue said...

well, i'm intrigued to say the least. i LOVE scrubs and if you resemble dr cox and his wife, i need to add you to my blogroll! i would also like to knit some squares for you. email me or come visit my blog. you sound like my kinda chick.

scrappysue said...

oh, and i'm also sad i missed your giveaway, but then u missed mine, so we're even. congrats on the 100th post - i'm up to 76...

scrappysue said...

oh, and i'm also sad i missed your giveaway, but then u missed mine, so we're even. congrats on the 100th post - i'm up to 76...

Jules said...

And after you've cleaned everyone else's on your request list, would you mind coming over and giving my house a scrub? The cleaning fairies appear to be on strike...... again.

Anonymous said...

I watch scrubs a lot - pretty funny. Dr. Cox is mean with a soft middle - WAY down underneath. He and his wife are a lot alike, and the way they relate is by being snarky to each other - but then when it comes down to it they love each other. Sound familiar?
And I haven't seen it lately, so maybe they hit the rocky roads.

But it's funny and it makes me wonder, too - how did HE know?

Just thought since I seem to be the only watcher, I ought to comment on THAT.

Hope things get better and not more complicated -
keep us posted on the ongoing saga!!


Holy Chaos said...

i have never seen Scrubs. I'd like to,though.

I love your blog. It is 12:13 here and I am so sick of biology... i needed a lugh, so I came to visit.

of course, that it the time my dh noticed that I wasn't studying....

Pig in the Kitchen said...

oh my, lots going on at your house! i'm quite hopeful about the kindling romance...or have i got that completely wrong? Also tres jealous of the tesco-sized fridges and the spare (!) washing machine. You can keep the rabbits, I can't keep up with my kids let alone pets...

Beth said...

Scrubs! I love it! Sorry though that you and the FOTL are being compared to the Cox's. Hang in there! Sit coms usually end on a happy note. :)