Sunday, 9 March 2008

Checking in.....

....for a minute to let you know I'm still here! My internet connection has been going on and off all day. I have spent several hours chatting with a 'TalkTalk' engineer in Bombay, who is doing his best to maintain a steady connection!

See you when the revs pick up a bit!


CrazyCath said...

You definitely need to speak to some one in England in the morning to check you are being told no lies. Seriously.

My landline went down one Tuesday night. I got Bombay. There were "issues" in my area and it would be fixed in 48 hours. After a lot of swearing, there was little I could do.

On Wednesday, I mentioned to my friends who used the same company and they had no problems. "Issues" in my area? So why weren't they down?

Rang between 9 & 5 and got England call centre with an English person. No issues. No one else affected. Just me. Engineer out next morning - they'd accidentally disconnected me. If I hadn't phoned the next day, I'd still be waiting for these "issues" to be resolved! (Well, I wouldn't but you get my drift).

So, not matter what they say to you tonight, call them in office hours and check you speak to HQ in ENGLAND to get the truth, because the out of hours call centres out of the country tell LIES!

It's true. Just a "heads up" from my own frustrations.

Jennifer said...

I cannot stand it when I have to deal with our phone company (which deals with the internet). HATE. IT. Dread it. I think I'm wasting money on my phone bill, but I refuse to spend my valuable time on the phone with people in India that I cannot understand who are not helpful in the least anyway.

Once I did SOMEHOW manage to reach an American manager. She listened condescendingly to my complaints, quite convinced I was a nut. Finally she said, "Mrs. Pursley, I am going to connect you to our customer service dept., but I am going to stay on the line... they will not know I am here." She was oh, so sure that they would be ever so helpful. I laughed inwardly, rubbing my hands together in anticipatory glee.

Sure enough, same old runaround. I cannot express to you the satisfaction I received that day! I felt I had WON - I left the house after that with hands in the air, dancing to Rocky music in my head. THE VICTOR!!! As if they care.

I don't understand our monopoly laws here - Microsoft gets slapped, but bellsouth only grows like leviathan. Whatever.

GoneBackSouth said...

Technology: Mindblowingly brilliant when it works; exasperatingly annoying when it doesn't.

Katney said...

I made my call to tech support on Friday evening. Have not had a call back yet. They have been so helpful in the past. Maybe my call went to India this time.

Sweet Irene said...

Hi, I came to you by way Of Maggie May and read some of your older posts too and enjoyed myself a lot.

I've bookmarked your page and will be back.


Amrita said...

you are well in Bonbay eh?

i don 't have that.