Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Tradesman's Entrance

I am sitting in the loft at the computer.
From the floor below I have just heard the following conversation between the Football Fanatic (19) and The Fixer (12):
Football Fanatic: 'Can you hang this on my wall?'
The Fixer: 'Hm...I'll need panel pins.'
Football Fanatic: 'Have you got panel pins?'
The Fixer (giving her a withering look): 'Course I 'ave.'
Football Fanatic: 'Where from?'
The Fixer: 'Bought 'em at Tesco.'
There followed a lot of banging and hammering and shouts of 'it's alright, it's got a rubber handle' until.....
Football Fanatic: 'Hey! That looks great!'
The Fixer: 'Course it does. Anything else?'
Football Fanatic: 'Well...that hinge is loose on the bottom of the door.'
The Fixer: 'It'll cost you.'
Football Fanatic: 'How much?'
The Fixer: 'Two quid.'
Football Fanatic: 'Done.'

I'm thinking of buying her a grafter's belt for her birthday.

I blame the father.
Wherever he is.

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Adrienne said...

I understand the fixer 'cause I'm one too.

CrazyCath said...

I think the fixer's name should change to The Entrepreneur...

Very enterprising. Well done girl!
And well done Football Fanatic for recognising that if you can't do the job yourself, or can't be bothered - pay some one. Also very enterprising.

You've raised some sharp kids there! You must be very proud!

Renae said...

Any chance she wants to take a trip to Texas? I'll put her to work! :-)


Anonymous said...

You do have great kids, that's for sure. You don't happen to hire them out, do you? I could do with a broken door fixing.....I'm good at taking it off the hinges but it doesn't work out so well when I try to put it back on.

Especially when I'm still black and blue :(

Beth said...

"I blame the father. Whoever he is."


Mrs. Fox said...

You have to admire the industrious. She'll never want for a job. :)

KitBrookside said...

Has the fixer considered the law? A natural mastery of negotiation when faced with a larger and more learned adversary. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I need her to come to my house next, please.

Don't you wish you could tape record some of the conversations that go on in the house - just for amusement, or maybe for "posterity." That's the kind of stuff we forget so quickly, but it's so much a part of daily life. I have this theory that if we could record our everyday lives and put a soundtrack and laughtrack to it, we'd have ready-made sitcoms. Oh, I forgot, they've already done that - it's called REALITY TV.

Even so, I'm just sayin' - when I'm having a bad day or a stupid conversation with someone, I like to think to myself, "pretend it's a sitcom." It makes everything a lot funnier and life much easier to LIVE on some days!!!

And where is that "Father of This Lot," anyway? Every house needs two "Fixers." ;) Don't you agree?

Amrita said...

Oh wish I had the Fixer nearby. She should go into engineering

Casdok said...

Good for her and charging as well! I like her style!

ciara said...

wow, can fix things and has business savvy...i think she'll get very far in the world :)

Kitty said...

I think it's great that The Fixer already recognises her worth - good on her. x

Jennie said...

Could you just send her around here after she has been to everyone else's and done their odd jobs, I have a few shelves that need putting up and other diy jobs that I am just hopeless at.
How fantastic that she is so great at fixing things!

Maggie May said...

Send her round to me please. There's plenty to do here. She will get on in life I think. Carpenter's mate! Could do worse!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog today!

This was a lovely post - you obviously have a very loving family.

Crystal xx

Lizzy in the Burbs said...


The fixer sounds wonderful, I'd like her to come to my house and take care of a few fixer-upper jobs I have!

Hey, if you get a minute today, would you please stop by my blog? I have tagged you for a meme. Of course, only if you feel like it!

Have a good one!


Daryl E said...

I wish the fixer lived with me .. can I borrow her for a weekend?

Vienna for Beginners said...

Lucky girl! ;-)
As a young mother, with my husband travelling for work, a girlfriend taught me how to mount the brackets of a curtain rod with only a hammer as a tool by "pre-drilling" a hole in the wall with a large nail, then drive the screw in same. ;-)

Autumn said...

I think that's great! I was and am like the fixer so I can relate.

Anonymous said...