Thursday, 13 March 2008

Full of Grace?

I abandoned my usual Thursday night prayer group tonight in favour of a compulsary attendance Year 9 Options Evening with The Singer.

I will leave you to imagine what a jolly time was had by all. Soaked, due to a deluge which descended the minute we set off, tea in a polystyrene cup and the best part of thirty quid in taxi fares with a driver who obviously honed his skills on the dodgems at Daisy Nook fair last Easter.

Still, at least the options are sorted:
  • History
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • ICT
  • German

If anyone can think of a suitable career which encompasses all these skills, please let me know.

I am tired and fed up, and I would go to bed, except that I promised The Fixer that I would distribute her latest award 'Full of Grace'

So, even though I feel about as full of grace as Onslow in 'Keeping Up Appearances' I would like to give this award to those blogs which are far more graceful than this one:


Tomorrow I shall be back to normal - and there's another award on the way! Sorry they're coming thick and fast, but we've only got a 30 day trial so the kid's working flat out!


Jennifer said...

That's so sweet of her, what a cute idea. And thank you to both of you. But you should have seen me tonight - no grace to be found as I came home, tired and irritated and ready to unload on SOMEONE, some unlucky person who happens to live in my house.

Oh, well. This is no mood in which to attempt apologies. They don't tend to come out well in such a state. Shower and bed sounds good - and tomorrow is always another day. :)

Renae said...

Oh, thank you so much, Mother OTL and Miss Fixer! What a great honor!

J - thanks so much for the insightful comment on Morning Coffee. No, I did not know that about Isaiah 53 - about it not being read aloud. Very interesting.

I think, perhaps, my favorite chapter in all of scripture is Isaiah 55. I actually "claimed" that as my chapter, during and after a very difficult period. I kept reminding myself that I would "go out in joy" . . . I knew that God was going to work it all out in the end, in a beautiful way.

Thanks again for the lovely award. I'd like to thank all of the "little people . . . " LOL


Adrienne said...

Oh how wonderful. I was in the midst of composing a post when I was alerted. An AWARD??? Writing can wait.

...and best of all, I am actually having a rather graceful day. Huge bag of new books from the library, hot latte when I got home (just missing the rain by 15 minutes) a great new DVD (A Day in Provence)to watch later and now an award. God is good, for sure!!

I think the girls should start their own blog as long as it doesn't interfere with school work and such.

Fixer - Thank you so much. Just keep fixing stuff. It's a valuable gift.

Mel's World said...

Ahh sweet is that?!?!? What a great honor to be given THIS particular award and to know that the fixer took time out of her day to make the award.

What a great blessing this is to me!

Thank you thank you thank you!


Judi "Jlo" Moran (2006) said...

Dear Friend,
Thanks for the lovely award!
What an honor.
PS: Fun to visit your blog again and read your funny posts - you brightened my day.
Only problem is I have no clue how to transport the stunning award to my blog.
Do you give tutorials?

Adrienne said...

judi - right click on the image. One of the options is: Save to. Click on that and a box will pop up asking where to save it on your computer with a drop down menu. I always park this stuff on desktop. From there you can upload it to your blog.

Renae said...

By the way, if she can master German, she will succeed at anything! I was a voice major for a brief time in college, and had to learn and perform songs in German. Ach!


Cheryl said...

Oh My Goodness! I feel so honored! Thank you so much for this award. I do not even deserve this award. You are very special for giving this to me. It put a smile on my face today!! :) Thanks again!!! God Bless~

Angela M. said...

Wow! Thanks! I need this right now!!!

Joyful Catholics said...

This is very kind of you and your "little fixer." I am not so sure there's an award for me toight except getting my heart and soul right with God after losing my temper with my husband. It was ugly. Please, I do thank you for this, but I am dubious to receive awards for anything anymore. It's all grace and all God's love that keeps me breathing and blogging, or attempting to blog. All praise and glory to Jesus Christ our Lord for giving us this new media to express our love for His Church.

I'm only a "little sinner," falling as usual, so many times. My words are out there with a billion-gazillion others. IF they do reach someone and make for a positive change in that person's life,heart,and soul, so be it, and God again be praised! I simply would like to give this award to HIM, my Lord Jesus. HE's the only one worthy of it. I do thank you, but it's all HIS.


Amrita said...

Gracias Jackie and Fixer.

Somebody said grace is something God gives to us which we don 't deserve and mercy is someting we don 't get which we deserve.

I think the Singer will get to a brilliant start with those subjects.What is ICT?

You also have cab drivers - the dodge"em style...that 's funny. At least your roads are not like roller coasters!

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Give the Fixer a big hug of thanks from me will you!? She made my day!

I did not feel at all gracious at 4 this morning when the 13yo's pup decided to bring in the dawn with a barking/howling/whining session...I'll forgive it now and put my nice face back on. ;-)

Casdok said...

The Fixer sure has a talent!!

Kimmie said...

Tell your daughter, The Fixer, that she did a smashing job at the blog award (very cool, and I so want to learn how to do it...can she give me a tutorial?)

Thanks for the kind words, I have been feeling in a slump as of late and the award has brightened my day.

Love and hugs to you both!

*and I haven't a clue about the career, but I do know that putting it to prayer is where your solution lies! ;-)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

nuttycow said...

Hello, as promised, I've popped in to have a nose about.

Haven't got as far as I hoped but sadly, work is getting in the way of fun.

Have a good weekend :)

All things bright & beautiful... said...

Thanks - I'm thrilled!

"And I'd like to thank............."

(Oh & by the way my award ceremony frock is a silky , slinky number that makes me look 6ft tall, size 10 and about 30 years of age - in my dreams eh?!!!)

bella mocha said...

Ha! My Son is also Year 9 but we've been spared all the Options stuff as we won't be here, which is a good thing as I gather that the parents were shephered from room to room and only given 7 minutes on each subject!...

....He has felt sad though; all his classes since the start of term have been discussing their options and he's really been left out. It's hard for the kids, leaving everything behind to move country; but they'll feel better once we're there. :)

Kitty said...

Sorry to hear you're fed up and tired - hope you feel better soon. That's a fab award - congratulations to all those to whom it was awarded.

You must have RLI now - Repetitive Link Injury :-p x

ExpatKat said...

Sympathising with you on the options front. Just had to finish application for DD2 who goes into High School Freshman year in September. Last week it was DD1 who had to choose her destiny (she'll be a Junior-year 11 here.) A lot of prayer involved on my part!

Jennifer said...

Oh thanks so much, I am going to put it in my sidebar on my blog

:..Rebekah..: said...

Thank you! You are so sweet. I so enjoy your blog, and it's an honor for you so award me. I hope you're feeling better. Thanks again!

qualcosa di bello said...

please tell your darling 'fixer' that i am truly honored. especially right now as i am poking around in the depths of my sin during lent, trying so hard to turn away from it. grace sounds really really good right about now. i will try my best to do right by this lovely honor!

a very blessed Easter to all of you!